Legendary Bursa Cuisine

Bursa, which has one of the richest and most natural cuisines of Turkey, has earned a reputation with İskender kebab, chestnut sugar and Gemlik olive. Apart from these, you can enjoy a taste of the past with the distinguished flavors of Ottoman cuisine.
Most frequented flavors of the gourmets are:

Kebapçı İskender: If you are the one who says that it is not possible to leave Bursa without having a porsion of İskender Kebab, this is the restaurant in Bursa that you need to visit. The decoration of the place, which is one of the İskender Kebab restaurants location in history touch, will make you feel like you are alive in ancient times.
Distance to Baia Bursa: 10KM
Distance to Monte Baia Uludağ: 34KM

Kafkas Patisserie: Founded by Ali Şakir Tatveren, who opened his first shop in Ataturk Caddesi in Bursa in 1930, the brand has become one of the most famous names in chestnut sugar.
Distance to Baia Bursa: 0,6KM
Distance to Monte Baia Uludağ: 35KM