The city which had been established in B.C. 1200 on a large plain between Asku and Duden rivers, is located 18 km of east of Antalya.
Perge Antique City is an important city from the view of planning at late classic, hellenistic and mostly Roman Empire. Especially Antique theatre and stadium have been protected quite well as of today. The theatre, 15.000 capacity, had been built in B.C. 2nd century and stadium has a capacity 12.000 people.
Even walking along the columnar Street takes the person back to the ancient history. This Street is divided with 2 meters width of a water channel. Necropol, stone walls, basilica, agora, gymnasium, monumental fountain, Roman baths are spectacular and well-protected samples of historical artifacts. Perge Antique City has been advised to be joined to UNESCO World Heritage List with the features mentioned above.
Distance to Baia Lara Hotel: 22 km.