Local Bazaars and Shopping

You can find many different local historical sovuneirs and shops which sell many traditional products even as jams with very competitve prices which is located around Kaleiçi.Tek Kapılı Han and İki Kapılı Han are the most favorite point of shopping which had been built in 19. Century and currently renovated. Another important shopping point, Atatürk Street, called as Işıklar Area, is the most famous and thotoughfare shopping Street with its opposing shops, well-known coffee shops and restaurants. Futhermore It is a must to visit Karaalioğlu Park at the end of Street especially by photography fans which is the greenest part of city center and has a magnificent panoramic view of sea, Antalya and Old Harbour. You can also sightsee two important streets, Işıklar and Konyaaltı, with the nostalgic tramway. It is possible to get by taxi or public transport from Baia Lara Hotel easily which is the heart of city and far 19 km from the hotel.
Distance to Baia Lara Hotel: 19 km