Düden Waterfall

The magnificent place at Duden Waterfall is about 20 kilometers distance to the beaches of Lara and can easily be reached by public transportations or with a rented car on well prepared asphalt roads. Over here the river Duden is leaving a higher plateau of the Taurus mountains by falling about 15 m deep and 20 m wide onto a lower plateau next to Antalya. On the entrance they charge entry fee and you can get into a nice green park with botanic garden, open tables and benches inviting you for a picnic. It is much better option to visit the waterfall during weekdays instead of weekend in order not to come across with a crowd. Some stairways leading down into the valley where people can walk along the river. The waterfall could be watched from the back side as well. Düden is the unique waterfall of Turkey which can be watched from back side. There is one more stairway leading up to the walkway of the park again. Also do not forget to make a wish at the wishing well if you visit the cave which total length of it is about 40 m.

As Duden river flows below the ground of Antalya around 10 km, It disembogues from Lara with presenting an amazing visual show. This point is just 10 km away of Baia Lara Hotel.
Distance to Baia Lara Hotel: 10 km