Mausoleum constructed as a funereal monument by Artemisia, queen of Caria after the death of her brother & husband Mausolos, the Satrap of Caria 352 B.C., the architect was Pytheos. The four facades were decorated with relief friezes executed by (the eastern facade) Scopas , (the northern facade) Byraix , (the southern facade) Timotheos , and (the western facade) Leochares.

The monument is raised on a high podium. The 21 stepped roof is supported by 36 ionic columns. Statues of Mausolos and Artemisia, riding a chariot drawn by four horses from the crest of the monument are now to be found in the British Museum. The ground measurements of the monument are 60X80 m. and it was originally 46 m. in height. It remained intact until the 12 century A.D., was partially destroyed by an earthquake in the 14th century, and demolished Knights of Rhodes. The friezes were removed to the British Museum in 1856.